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A large number of data sets (5000) with 10 taxa each were simulated under a rate-drift model for trees with 2 topologies (balanced or unbalanced) and with different sets of divergence times (characterized by long or short external branches).

Data were analyzed using Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo methods in which the prior on divergence times was specified from a birth–death process with species sampling (BDS) or a Dirichlet distribution using the programs MCMCTREE and MULTIDIVTIME.

The programs generally performed well on shallow phylogenies, but posterior mean node ages were biased and 95% posterior intervals included true ages in fewer than 95% of trees in some analyses.

This typically occurred when the 95% prior interval did not include the true age and/or sequence lengths were ≤ 1 kbp.

This same means of attachment is commonly used on the wooden rabbet planes contemporary with this plane.

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Widths of posterior intervals were also very dependent on the position of the calibrated node within the tree, particularly when sequences were short.

Different divergence times priors within MCMCTREE, MULTIDIVTIME, and BEAST were used to analyze mitochondrial DNA data sets from a Bovid subfamily (the Caprinae) from Asian lizards.

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Little is known about their reliability for shallow phylogenies where DNA sequence divergence is low.

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