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“We are arguing that that’s not the case.” Li and colleagues took samples of water from the Tarim Basin, a salty aquifer under a desert in north-west China.

But until now, scientists have been unable to find or produce such a reaction in nature.

This released a huge volume of water, estimated at between 12 and 17 cubic kilometres, two to three times as much as contained by Loch Ness in Scotland.

The floods engulfed Lajia, the archaeological site 25 kilometres downstream where the bodies of the three children killed by the earthquake months earlier lay buried, and where the world’s oldest noodles were found.

The record figures are due to the continued growth in emissions from human activity along with the ongoing El Niño phenomenon, which causes CO Some studies suggest that greenhouse gas emissions have fallen recently, but these studies typically only include emissions from energy generation and industry, and are based on countries’ own estimates.

They do not include changes in land use, such as deforestation and the loss of peat.

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