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At Lekoseum there is also room to play with today’s toys and games.

On this page we have tried to compile as much information as possible in English, for our non-Swedish speaking friends.

Translation: ”Hello”, ”Where do you live”, ”I want to meet you”, ”Hello answer”, ”Have you had your period” and ”Big titties”. Our reporter responds ”Who are you”, ”Answer please” and ”TODAY WOULD BE NICE”. Our reporter responds ”Will you stop”, the perpetrator writes ”No” and our reporter asks ”Why”.

Our reporter responds ”Oh my god, leave me and my friends alone. The perpetrator writes ”Take picture of your panties”, and our reporter responds ”Fuck no fucking paedophile” and ”Why should I”. Smartphones have completely changed the market for sexual abuse against children.

This was out of fear of running into a neighbour and having to talk to them.

Exaggerations aside, the average Swede is less likely to talk to a stranger, unless being asked for directions.

We take care to ensure that your information is never accessed by anyone other than associates that need the data to process your request. The perpetrator writes ”Come on what do you want 100 kronor(=)”, ”200()”.Grown men with operator-free phones are easily able to contact young kids with chat-apps – without risk of discovery.The guests at Jörgen’s studio are remarkably accomplished musicians who play in high-profile Swedish orchestras, but no one talks about that until asked. Everyone speaks three or four languages fluently but dismisses their skill.Dressed in worn out jeans, single-color shirts or blouses and sock-clad feet, they could not look more ordinary.

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I think it could be something to do with the weather: if it’s cold and wet you’re less likely to take the time to stop and chat to people in the street, and that behaviour becomes ingrained.

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