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These similarities can be race, religion, or relevantly, education level.The phenomenon makes sense; we meet and marry the people around us.In 2008, Akash Maharaj was accused of lying to get into another Ivy League sister, Yale, and was eventually convicted of stealing scholarship money from the school.An article about the swindle in the Yale Daily News, which included a host of admission fraud cases dating back to the 1970s, stated that Maharaj’s situation was “a startlingly common story: A student who, swept up in an admissions frenzy, resorts to bending the rules to secure a spot among the elite.” Scores of students, often pushed by their parents, feel compelled to get into one of the Ivy League universities — including Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania — no matter what it takes because many see it as a surefire path to success.Instead, I dreamed of living in New York City and my parents obliged me with a visit to NYU’s campus. (NYU is consistently ranked one of the country’s most expensive schools, with room and board costs totaling upwards of ,000 a year.) Up until then, I hadn’t truly realized just how expensive an education can be.Over the next few months, I realized not only could I not afford my dream school, I couldn’t even afford the ones where I’d been accepted.Date My is a website founded in November 2010 by two Columbia University MBA classmates, Balazs Aexa and Jean Meyer, to help college students meet both within and outside of their own schools.

“But there is a lot of hype about the Ivy League that is simply not true.” An Ivy League degree can give you a leg up — and possibly a bigger paycheck — but Curran said that most people can still get ahead with any degree from any school.“I don’t necessarily think that’s a reason to go to one.” In hindsight, my steadfast belief in the power of the brand was naive, not to mention a bit snobby.I quickly passed over state schools and southern schools, believing their curriculums to be automatically inferior to northeastern or western counterparts.Was it a curriculum that appeared more rigorous, perhaps?Or an alumni network that I hoped would open doors down the line? “I do think there are advantages to schools with more recognition,” notes Marybeth Gasman, a professor of higher education at the University of Pennsylvania.

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But he acknowledged that the pressure on young people to get into an Ivy League school “is absurd.” He pointed to the 2009 documentary “Nursery University” about New York City parents who are trying to get their kids on the Ivy League university track as early as preschool. Norman Pattis, a Connecticut attorney who represented two students who lied to get into Yale in the 1990s, said his clients were motivated by the societal notion that elite degrees will hook you up for life. And some employers look specifically for Ivy Leaguers.

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