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Ariadna gil and viggo mortensen dating

He also sold his paintings for food along with flowers and also drove vehicles Couple of years later, he returned to the states to make a living out of acting. Viggo is not a very tall man, but he has an average height of about an 180 cm.

Here are some new photos of Viggo Mortensen and his girlfriend Ariadna Gil in Madrid, Spain yesterday.

They had not been seen together in a while but the recently revealed photos of the couple in Spain surely indicate that they are together and doing pretty well in their lives.

Viggo has been known to be a home wrecker as he started his relationship with Ariadna when she was still married.

Ariadna allegedly left her husband for Viggo and never looked back, although…

there have been rumors about Viggo and women too, right?

She’s the breakout star of the series, now in its second season, and already has a SAG Award.

Her family gambled their future to move to LA for Millie’s career but it paid off.

actor, author, musician, photographer, poet and painter.

British born Millie already has a starring role in the Godzilla Sequal and a stack of other offers.

At tonight's Academy Awards, Viggo Mortensen has been nominated for Best Actor for his role in Captain Fantastic.

Ariadna fell in love with Viggo even when she was married and they started a relationship on 2009.

This homewrecking done by Viggo seems to be having turned out well in his favor as the couple is still getting along pretty well as far as the news tabloids are to be taken into consideration.

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While there have been rumors of the A Dangerous Method star Viggo to have had relationships with several other women on the way, it seems that Ariadna is too in love with him to notice and they are still getting along pretty well.