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She's also played on other TV shows including Angel (2002) where she played a vampire.Laurel Holloman is Openly Bisexual: Although she is married to a man, Laurel Holloman is openly bisexual.On the court, Alice, Jenny, the overweight and out-of-shape Kit, and the others reject Tina, who ends up playing for Papi's team.

After Jenny's book fails from the single bad review, she embarks on a twisted quest to get back at the journalist that panned her by targeting her girlfriend, Lindsey, who works in a veterinary hospital and using her sociopath skills of manipulation to play on her sympathies.Les autres producteurs exécutifs sont Steve Golin (Dans la peau de John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) et Larry Kennar (Barbershop). The L Word est tourné à Vancouver (Colombie-Britannique, Canada) dans les studios Coast Mountain Films Studios, anciennement Dufferin Gate Studios Vancouver et détenus à l'origine par Dufferin Gate Productions, une compagnie partenaire des Temple Street Productions, le producteur canadien de Queer as Folk.Parmi les auteurs de la série figurent, outre la créatrice Ilene Chaiken, Guinevere Turner (Go Fish, American Psycho), A. L'épisode pilote a été diffusé pour la première fois le La créatrice de la série, Ilene Chaiken, a écrit et produit un pilote intitulé The Farm pour un possible spin-off centré autour du personnage d'Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey), mais le projet n'a pas été retenu par les distributeurs américains de Showtime.stars Leisha Hailey, Kate Moennig and Laurel Holloman gathered under the same lesbian roof this weekend at The Dinah for the purpose of making all of your dreams come true. Sad you couldn’t get to Palm Springs and patiently wait in line to scream “SHANE!

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Laurel Holloman Actress: Laurel Holloman is an actress who plays Tina Kennard on The L Word.