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PHOTOS: Jessica Chastain's Chic Red Carpet Looks "I'm a shadow whisperer, I hide in the shadows," the Oscar-nominated actress told the newspaper."I tend to avoid places where I might get photographed…I find that so boring." PHOTOS: Hollywood's red-hot redheads The 35-year-old star refused to divulge who her current beau is, only hinting that "some people in the fashion world" might know him.Chastain's decision to keep her personal life private doesn't just stop with her love life, however.“In a way, Barbie and I are going on very parallel journeys,” says Vogel, “because I’m not a huge sci-fi fan ...and I know I’ll catch flak from every sci-fi fan out there for saying that! “Rachelle and I looked at each other halfway though the first season of filming this and said, ‘Well, neither of us has ever been on a show that’s gone past one season, so you’re all screwed, sorry!He’s an enigmatic antihero who puts out fires, puts up a fight with the bad guys and puts the moves on Rachelle Lefevre’s character, Julia.

, Mike Vogel had a noose around his neck—not so much a cliffhanger as a cliffhanging.For her, she told the magazine, acting is about the craft, not the fame. It's something that you woo." "Fame and money have not been my goals," she continued. PHOTOS: Jessica Chastain's best red carpet moments "You have to welcome that," she said of getting caught up in Hollywood's glitz and glamour. But until it gets there, I don't want to put any unexpected pressure on something that is so personal and so precious.actress declares in the February issue of In Style UK.

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