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But for now, I am going to focus on assisting foreign ladies wishing or desiring to get married to a Nigerian man, or best, to assist foreign ladies already in a committed relationship with a Nigerian man, and are probably contemplating on settling down with him.Before I forge ahead, I would like to make a promise to all my readers (as usual) that whatever information I shall be revealing here, shall be based on zero partiality, prejudice or favoritism.It's a scam, don't send a cent, cease contact and report the scammer.

African-American Lady Dating A Nigerian Igbo Man Worried He’s Hiding Her From His Family I have been dating my Igbo guy for 11 months and he has been everything that I wanted in a guy.

His family has impacted at least 50% of his reasons for me not meeting them or visiting his home. He is a citizen now, he obtained his citizenship in 2007 on his own not through marriage.

How do I find true love, how do I find the right life partner, how do I know that my boyfriend wants me for marriage, how do I know that my boyfriend truly loves me, how do I avoid being used and dumped by a man?

His mother lives with him right now and he has shared with me that his mother wants him to marry and African woman because his brother married a Jamaican woman and since his parents were in Nigeria at that time they had no say on it.

But now since she lives in the states I assume she wants her opinion to be known.

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It doesn’t have to be in this order, per se, but use this as a general rule.

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